What Theresa May Should Say

What Theresa May Should Say

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen. There are only two genders, after all.

The greatest challenge facing the UK today is Brexit. Get it right, and we can unleash the wellsprings of national genius, and thrive economically outside the EU for generations to come. Get it wrong, and we will remain shackled to the EU, its regulation, its stagnant growth, its unemployment, its leviathan bureaucracy. We would face the very real loss of control of our armed forces, our foreign policy, and our economic policy.

The EU believes that we are weak and divided. I say this to them, that it is you who are weak and divided. The EU is in dispute with Hungary and Poland over migrants quotas. This shows no sign of abating, and is heading to a court room confrontation in the ECJ. Macron is in trouble in France. The new “Sun king” has failed to shine, and is struggling with labour reforms and high unemployment. Mrs. Merkel is mired in Germany. Her vote reduced, and the Nationalist and anti-EU AfD rising in the Bundestag. She is struggling to form a coalition that will last. In Italy the anti-EU Five Star movement is on the rise. Greece continues to be a huge problem. Debt is continuing to mount, and the problems will not go away anytime soon.

Add to this the recent worrying developments in Catalonia. The violence there is completely unacceptable. No state should violently repress citizens with the excessive force we have witnessed. Needless to say, Gibraltar will not be handed over to Spain anytime soon, and we are justified in our previous decision not to negotiate sovereignty with Spain. Such scenes have not been witnessed since the 1930s and 1940s. Mr. verhofstadt and others have repeatedly made demands over EU citizen rights in the UK after Brexit. However, he and his colleagues at the EU stood idly by when citizen rights were being abused in Catalonia. This is rank hypocrisy in the opinion of the UK government.  If you care about EU citizen rights, you should care about them at all times, not just when you can use them as a negotiating tool.


You claim not to interfere in the internal politics of member states. Yet Mr. Verhofstadt himself was in London, giving a speech at the LSE and meeting Mayor Khan.


If this is not interference, I wouldn’t like to see what is.

The EU has been playing games, deliberately delaying Brexit negotiations. This serve two purposes. First, the longer we remain in the EU, the more money they receive from us in contributions. Secondly, they hope that somehow we will change our minds. I tell you this, we have not changed our mind, and after recent developments in the EU and their negotiating tactics, we are more determined than ever to leave. The EU Parliament, which has very little real power compared to our own sovereign Parliament, has recently voted not to move to the next stage of negotiations. This shows a continuation of the childish attitude of the EU. If real grown-ups were in charge, then they would seriously come to the table willing to hammer out a deal which favoured both the EU and the UK. Instead we have an attitude to “punish” the UK for the imagined “crime” of wanting to leave the EU. Tell us, what crime have we committed? Why should we be punished?

We have paid in to the EU budget since joining, always being a net contributor. Yet there is no word on what assets we may be entitled to, or what money may be owed to us. We have co-operated on security in an age of crisis. The very real threat of terrorism looms upon the whole of Europe, both indies and outside the EU. We need to work together to defeat this threat. Mr. Juncker himself issued an extraordinary statement where he told us the UK would “soon regret Brexit.” This despite it being a fully democratic decision, backed by a referendum with the highest vote turnout for six UK elections. This is extremely unhelpful language from a senior EU statesman, and indeed the President of the EU. With the continued behaviour of the EU, you risk alienating the UK who is willing to be your partner, in security and in trade.

Given these issues, there is now a very real possibility of a no deal. While we would prefer a mutually beneficial agreement, Britain is not afraid to walk away and begin trading on WTO terms. These are very clearly, and our businesses should begin preparing themselves for this eventuality. They should be ready to meet the requirements of the WTO. In light of this, government funds will be made available for small and medium sized businesses to be able to adapt to WTO terms. This will be overseen by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial strategy. We will immediately stop all EU contributions until such time as the EU begins to negotiate properly in good faith.

There is no doubt Britain can survive and thrive outside of the EU. The country has shown itself capable of adaptation, creativity, and determination throughout our proud history. Once again we look forward to trading with the world. We hope that the EU can be part of this. More and more GDP is being generated outside the EU. The EU risks building an economic wall between itself and the rest of the world. they might find that instead of everyone trying to look in, they are the ones looking out with envy. There is still time to come to a mutually beneficial agreement. It is time to step up to the world stage. The best years of the UK lie ahead, not behind. We urge the EU to join us.”


Brexiteers, Do Not Panic!

Brexiteers, Do Not Panic!

Remember, remember,

The 22nd of September,

Brexit, treason and plot,

I see no reason,

Why Tory Brexit treason,

Should ever be forgot.


So, May went full retard in Florence. Everything we were worried about. An extended transition period, maybe without end. Sucking up to the E.U. Throwing away the defence and security bargaining chips. Looking for the same terms we have now, etc. But is it all doom and gloom? No.


Nigel Farage will now undoubtedly be back in some shape or form. He has already topped a million followers on Twitter in the wake of May’s debacle. Stung in to action, he will be back to fight for Brexit.


Jacob Rees-Mogg has been making the right noises since Friday. He has gone on record as being unhappy with the European Court of Justice still having power over the U.K. He is on the Brexit committee. Many will now swing behind him. Could a leadership challenge be on the cards?

The U.K. Economy is still doing well #despitebrexit. Manufacturing is going well, overall unemployment is falling, as is youth unemployment. Brexit stole your future? Hardly.




The DUP are not happy with the E.U. They have said their negotiators are aggressive and looking to do as much damage to the U.K. as possible. May is reliant on them to stay in power. She will have to listen, Arlene may yet be able to reign her in.

As I wrote in a previous piece, Juncker’s speech and proposed changes  make it very hard to re-join the E.U. The E.U. army, central taxes, loss of control on the defence and the economy and joining the Euro are unpopular. No U.K. government will want to sign up to that in a hurry.J uncker himself riles people. He is like Nero fiddling while Rome burns. He is abrasive and antagonistic, and turns people off. He is our best weapon for Brexit. His power grab will make him even more unpopular.


Greece is still a major problem for the E.U. it hasn’t gone away. It has been swept under the carpet. It continues to wrack up debt for the E.U.  The same for the Italian banks. It seems a matter of when, not if.


Euroscepticism is growing on the continent. Five star grows in Italy, AFD grows in Germany. Poland and Hungary are in almost open rebellion against Brussels. There is an election in the Czech Republic soon. All these are massive headaches for the E.U. The migrant crisis they triggered is coming back to bite them. I firmly believe this will be the death of the E.U. one way or another.


Macron, the new “Sun King,” continues to fail in France. Record low approval ratings, strikes, riots, terror attacks, migration. Can he and France survive?

Catalonia is threatening to tear Spain and the E.U. apart. Stories of violence and brutal repression are already emerging. Catalans have appealed to the E.U. over human rights abuses. Will the E.U. act against one of its own key members? Don’t hold your breath. Remember Bosnia?

The E.U. took nearly a decade to do a trade deal with Canada. They are large, slow and cumbersome. We are smaller and more nimble. The longer we succeed since the Brexit vote, the less people will feel we need the E.U. Turkey will not be joining any time soon, and may well cancel the migrant deal. This could open the floodgates to a new migrant crisis, flooding the E.U. and overwhelming it.

Also Verhofstadt is reportedly turning down every Brexit paper the U.K. puts forward. They may yet do our own work for us. Add to this the Remainers are not sending their best. So chin up! Remember, once you give up you are definitely beaten. Nothing worth doing is ever easy. We will not surrender. We have not yet begun to fight… (Read here why the E.U. is doomed.)

You Absolute Juncker!

You Absolute Juncker!

I want to say thank you to Jean-Claude Juncker. Seriously. Yesterday he gave the greatest pro-Brexit speech ever, in his state of the EU address. Every point was a gem. Nothing I could say or do would have been better at convincing people that Brexit was the best way forward. This speech will certainly go down in history, but not for the reasons he thinks.


This is just a flavour of the reaction on social media. All the ardent remainers have been silent. Not a mention of Juncker’s speech. For this was the day the true face of the EU was revealed.

One Supreme Leader

Juncker plans to merge the offices of President of the EU commission and President of the EU council. This will concentrate power in the hands of one man. Him. It will also make him less accountable to the council of ministers, which means the leaders of each individual country. But, democracy, right? Remaontards spent all week moaning about the Great Withdrawal Bill, which they said was a “Henry VIII” power grab by the UK government. It seemed not to dawn on them that these powers were grabbed by the EU originally. EU regulations had the force of an act of Parliament, decided by unelected commissioners from all around the EU. They dictated what UK law was going to be. EU directives could be implemented by ministers using statutory instruments or orders in council. None of these had parliamentary oversight. This was apparently fine when the EU did it, but not for the UK government. But then Juncker came along. Nice one Jean-Claude!


An EU Army

Remember that EU army that would never happen? Well, now it is. There will be a EU defence union by 2025. To quote Juncker: “And I want us to dedicate further efforts to defence matters,” he said. “A new European Defence Fund is in the offing. As is a Permanent Structured Cooperation in the area of defence.” EU nations now face the prospect of their armed forces being taken out of their country, and being assigned to operations they didn’t sign up to or disagree with. And they pay for it. More worryingly, given the situation with Poland and Hungary, is the idea that one day this army may be used to enforve EU measures against member states. A country’s own army may be used against it. However I highly suspect the first deployment will be to North Africa due to migration. Good luck with that. Another win for Brexiteers!


An EU Super State 

If that wasn’t good enough, he wants an EU super state. He wants a single EU finance and economics minster. This means economic policy taken out of the hands of nation states. Alongside these are proposals that all nations join the EU banking union, and that common banking policies are adopted throughout the EU. What this means is it is likely all members will have to join the Euro. Remember the 2008 crash? EU economies still haven’t recovered. Eurozone youth unemployment stands at an average of 19.1%. Most countries are higher, Germany drags down the average. There are also plans for common taxation, and an end to vetoes on tax. Again, this will be done on qualified majority voting. But, democracy, right? He also wants a common foreign policy, decided by a qualified majority. This means it doesn’t need unanimous support. Countries could be taken in to actions they do not support. Fancy another Middle East war? Me neither. Add to this the hilarity of Verhofstadt calling Poland and Hungary “Alt-Right.” Well, funny if it wasn’t so serious. I imagine the EU actions remind both countries of the USSR in its heyday. All this makes a further break up of the EU more likely, as I said in a previous articleJuncker saidBrexit was no longer a worry of the EU, and that Britain would soon regret it. This will be his “it’s the economy, stupid!” moment. So, once again, thank you Jean-Claude. Your speech was everything I could have hoped for.


March of the Retards

March of the Retards

So the #PeopelsMarchForEU took place on the weekend. It should have been renamed the March of the Retards. Such was the idiocy on display. Claims were made that there was 50,000 there. This is highly dubious, but even if true it is still nowhere near the 17.4 million people that voted to leave. Some geniuses came up with figures of “only 37% of people voted for Brexit.” I presume they were including those who don’t vote, can’t vote, children and dead people. There were several claims made that I take issue with. Lets start with this:


The EU that delivered peace to Europe? Really? There are a number of ways in which this is wrong. I will examine just a few. Fits is Turkey invading Cyprus. That’s right, Turkey which is partly in Europe and a prospective EU member invaded Cyprus, which is now a full EU member and is occupying a third of Cyprus. There is a British military base there to try and keep the peace. 150,000 Cypriots were expelled from the north of the island. The European Commission on Human Rights found Turkey in breach of the European Convention of Human Rights. There were also accusation against Cypriots for doing similar. In Nicosia a wall was erected to separate the sides. There was also destruction of cultural heritage sites. What did the EU do? You’ve guessed it. Nothing.


Next, there is the civil war in the former Yugoslavia and the resulting Balkans genocide. there was mass murder, crimes against humanity and organised mass rapes. The bodies are literally still being found. This conflict saw the return to Europe of concentration camps.


Many have pointed the finger at the E.U. for worsening the crisis by immediately recognising break away states, causing further antagonism. Once the conflict was in full swing, the E.U. barely lifted a finger. it was left to N.A.T.O to deal with the issue, setting up safe zones and conducting bombing raids to cut off supplies to paramilitaries and militaries. However, ethnic cleansing had already been carried out, hundreds of thousand were dead, and hundreds of thousands more displace. This wasn’t some third world trouble spot. this was on the E.U.’s doorstep. Some genius on Twitter told me it was nothing to do with the E.U. as they weren’t E.U. members at the time. Face. Palm.


E.U. meddling is also held by many to have helped start the Ukraine civil war. The E.U. offered loans to prop up the government, when Russia had already made a similar offer. In the eyes of Russia, the E.U. was treading in its sphere of influence, and trying to bind former U.S.S.R. countries to the E.U. The president rejected the E.U. offer for Russia. Pro-E.U. citizens overthrew him, and he fled. Ethnic Russians felt threatened. Hey presto, you have  recipe for civil war.

Add to this that in the 21st century Europe and the E.U. is being hit by wave after wave of Islamist Jihadi attacks. Leaving the E.U. is supposed to be bad as it would cause problems between security agencies and with information sharing. Well, they have been doing a poor job so far. Britain mainly shares its intelligence with the U.S.A. and the ‘five eyes’ countries. Many E.U. countries keep the info to themselves. Open borders and mass immigration has only made the problems worse. Terrorists like the Berlin Christmas market attacker was able to attack in Germany, escape through France, and was only caught by a random patrol in Italy. returning ISIS fighters have carried out attacks. Native born jihadis have been for training in Libya and Syria and then attacked, such as in Manchester. Tell me again how the E.U. is keeping us safe? Add to this that Britain is one of the few E.U. or European countries to spend at least 2% of GDP on defence.

download “You have stolen our future!” is a common refrain from the young, and others. Really? Let’s examine youth unemployment rates in the E.U. (Correct at time of writing. Figures from trading economics.com): France 23.4% Italy 35.4% Belgium 21.4% Cyprus 20.4% Greece 43.3% Spain 38.6% Portugal 23.8% Croatia 26.4%. In comparison Britain is 12.1%, and dropping. It has decreased from 13.4% the previous year. The Brexit effect!

IMG_20170910_101245Anyone? No, me neither.

This march was apparently to stop Brexit. What part of “we had a national vote” don’t they get? There was months of campaigning from both sides. There were debates, televised and otherwise. The mainstream media went full out in support of Remain. There were T.V., newspaper, radio and poster campaigns. Davis Cameron sent a leaflet to every household in the U.K. telling us to Remain. Yet they say the voters were uniformed. Really!? How? people talked about nothing else for weeks. I went to many valleys areas with my local rugby club. Everyone was talking about it, everyone had an opinion.th (1)

Supposedly intelligent people have been completely taken in by E.U. propaganda. They are in thrall to the idea of the E.U. despite the fact it has quite clearly failed. Yet still they cling on. My stomach was almost turned by the sight of Tony Blair back on our screens bleating about Brexit. seriously Tony, you’ve done enough damage. Pleas retire quietly and be thankful you have escaped any legal prosecution from the Iraq war.


E.U. flags were given out at last night of the proms. Why was this allowed? Isn’t the BBC supposed to be impartial? This was another con trick to try and make the public think that everyone was now in favour of Remain. mostly the E.U. flags were swamped by the U.K. flags. Also, as the broadcast went around the country to place like Cardiff in Wales and Scotland, etc there were only U.K. flags. Awkward…


What exactly do the Remaoners hope to achieve by this? Brexit is still not cancelled. It has so far passed through every parliamentary vote, including the House of Lords, and through the Supreme Court. Brexit negotiations are already taking place. Anti-Brexit parties were hit badly in the recent general election. Even if 50,000 turned out, this is insignificant. 500,000 turned out for the Countryside Alliance march in favour of hunting some years back. This seems to me the last Remainer tantrum before they are forced to take their Brexit medicine. Tough luck. You lost before, you are still losing now. Even if you got your way, it could well render the country ungovernable. Politicians like Verhofstadt and are still trying to interfere in national politics. they would do well to remember their past failures.



The Decline and Fall of the E.U. Empire Part 2


We will continue to compare the parallels that exist between ancient Rome and the E.U., and what they can teach us. In part 1 we examined the role of the leaders, decadence, invasion and immigration, and factors beyond control. We now finish by looking at Brexit, the economy, tensions between east and west, and if the E.U. was doomed from the start.


Brexit and rebellions
Bryan Ward-Perkins’ The Fall of Rome and the End of Civilization (2005) makes the point that constant invasions led to rebellions, as a measure of self-help to deal with the situation. This further depleted Imperial resources. The Empire in its latter days had a tendency to break up in to smaller blocks. Well, in this vein we have had the Brexit rebellion. Fed up with uncontrolled migration, 17.4 million people voted to leave. When the U.K. does eventually leave, this will further deplete E.U. resources. Allied to this Britain rode out the 2008 financial crisis better than most. This was because it was not tied to the disaster area of the Euro single currency.

It also highlights the issue of a lack of a pan-European identity. There never has been one, and as we saw from the example of Blaenau Gwent, the E.U. has also failed to achieve one. Much like Rome, people had a tendency to stick with tribe over a Supranational organisation encompassing many nations. When the pressure of a crisis hits, tribes or in the modern-day case nations look after their own first and foremost. They don’t feel a strong connection to the E.U., and we are seeing more rebellions as time goes on. Poland, Hungary, the Visegrad nations and others are refusing to take migrants. The E.U. is threatening to take them to court. How exactly they will enforce these decisions remains to be seen. Under Rome the legions were sent in to quell the situation. Will the new E.U. army be used the same way?

Some remoaners claimed to feel ‘European’ first and not British. They paraded around with their faces painted with the E.U. flag, etc. They tell us the U.K. is doomed economically, etc. Under free movement rules they could all move to the ‘booming’ E.U. How many have left? I don’t know any. In contrast U.K. passport applications from E.U. citizens have soared. As usual those doing well out of a system don’t want it to change. Others believe the regime propaganda that all is well. It is those who are poorest who are hit hardest, and those on the under-pressure edges that feel the greatest effects. Hence the less well-off voted leave. And countries like Greece suffer the most.



How does the Emperor keep order? Why, he punishes and makes an example of the rebels. In ancient Rome, this took the form of crucifixions, slavery, confiscation of property, etc. Today, Juncker and his toadies have to be seen to punish Britain for the imagined ‘crime’ of voting to leave. The E.U. will cut off its nose to spite its face. This will only firm up the leave vote support, and hasten the inevitable E.U. decline by worsening its economic problems, as we shall see below.



Ward-Perkins mentioned resources being depleted. The tax base shrank as Rome faced invasions. Provinces breaking away had the same effect. Heather writes of Rome stripping the Western provinces to pay to sort problems in the East. As a result, less was spent on infrastructure, public buildings. Local elites shifted their interest from their localities to the central bureaucracies. Waves of invasions had left provinces weak economically.

As for the E.U., we have had Western Europe paying in large contributions for decades. Germany, Britain, France and others have been paying to finance the Eastern European countries. This, along with the Eurozone disaster, has left the Western E.U. much weakened economically. High unemployment and youth unemployment abound. At the time of writing France has unemployment of 9.5%, and youth unemployment of 21.4%. Italy is 11.1% and 35.4%. Spain is 17.22% and 39.2%. Belgium is 7.6% and 21.4%. Sweden is 6.6% and 19.3%. Greece is at 21.7% and 44.4% (Figures courtesy of tradingeconomics.com). You get the picture. Waves of migration from inside and outside of the E.U. have left wages low, and jobs harder to come by.



A bank of England study in 2015 said immigration lowered wages by at least 2%. The biggest impact is on the semi/unskilled sectors. Migrants on low/minimum wages have left large swathes of Europe’s youth unable to work. They cannot get the basic first jobs on the employment ladder. One E.U. country continues to do well, and that is Germany. Make of that what you will. Put all these factors together and the E.U. is stagnating economically. Britain on the outside continues to do well, #DespiteBrexit (4.4% and 12.1%).

The Greek financial crisis continues to rumble on unabated. Britain is leaving. Just like the Romans, the E.U. will find itself short of cash, due to loss of territory and stripping the west to pay for the east.

Problems between East and West

When the Roman Empire fell in the west, what remained in the east carries on. To us it is commonly known as the Byzantine Empire, they called themselves Romans. It took on a more Greek identity, focused on Constantinople, and had its own Patriarch to oversee orthodox Christianity. It was they who successfully converted the Russ, ancestors of modern Russia. Here was preserved much of the ancient learning from Greek and Roman academics, scholars, doctors, philosophers, scientists, mathematicians, etc. The Empire had split in to east and west, each with its own Emperor.

Today we see the same tensions between east and west. Poland, Hungary, the Visegard group are at loggerheads with the E.U. over migration, amongst other things. It remains to be seen if they will break away. They already have a ready-made replacement structure. Could it be they who safeguard European traditions such as Christianity, rule of law, human rights, and intellectual freedom? They may preserve the legacy and carry it down the ages while western mainland Europe falls.

Doomed from the start?

Arnold. J Toynbee and James Burke argue that the Roman Empire was doomed from the start, that it was rotten from its inception. In their view, the Empire could never have lasted. The Romans had no budgetary system. The Empire relied on booty from conquered territories (this source of revenue ending, of course, with the end of Roman territorial expansion) or on a pattern of tax collection that drove small-scale farmers into destitution (and onto a dole that required even more exactions upon those who could not escape taxation.)

In the same way, the E.U. demands ever more from taxpayers in its net contributor countries. The Common Agricultural Policy dooms small farmers in other countries so it can prop up French agriculture (Although they won’t need to make wine for much longer). E.U. accounts have not been signed off in over 10 years. The E.U. is also being pushed to expand, to plug an ever-growing budget black hole, especially with Britain leaving. The system was rotten from the beginning, a covert attempt to set up a socialist pan-European Super state. Like all socialism, it is doomed to fail. There is no European identity, there never has been. Europe has always been a Europe of the nations, and rightly so.


A ‘Hard’ or a ‘Soft’ Fall?
Historians of Late Antiquity, a field pioneered by Peter Brown, have turned away from the idea that the Roman Empire “fell.” They see a “transformation” occurring over centuries, with the roots of Medieval culture contained in Roman culture and focus on the continuities between the classical and Medieval worlds. Thus, it was a gradual process with no clear break. Ward-Perkins’ theory, much like Bury’s, and Heather’s, identifies a series of cyclic events that came together to cause a definite decline and fall. The primary difference in his work and Bury’s, was that like Heather, they had access to archaeological records which strongly supported the stance that the fall was a genuine disaster for millions.

Rather than worry about a ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ Brexit, the E.U. should worry about whether it is in for a hard or soft fall. Will the E.U. slowly dwindle over time, with countries naturally breaking away bit by bit, and perhaps carrying on some parts of the E.U. e.g. its legislation? Or is it in for a hard fall? One where millions suffer, and the E.U. is destroyed quickly, and those most closely associated with it suffer most. Will there be a modern sack of Rome, carried out by its own Alaric? Given the migration and economic situation, I know which my money is on.

In conclusion
Historians have long argued about the reasons for the fall of Rome. This isn’t the issue here. The point is that the EU fits every one of the theories. The E.U. is also making all the same mistakes. When Rome fell in the West, it ushered in what became known as the Dark Ages. Various people flooded in to Europe. The Vandals (clue is in the name) ran riot. Europe came under assault from Islam, and countries like Greece and Spain were overrun. It took centuries to reclaim them. However, as we now know the Dark Ages were not that Dark, and Spain was able to win back it’s freedom. The barbarian invaders became Christian, or were Christian to start with. They took up the mantle of Rome, its legacies, its values and regarded themselves as Romans or the heirs to Rome. The Visigoths of Spain are a prime example.

As the EU falls, it remains to be seen if we will be so lucky. Today’s invaders are not being fought. There is no modern-day Alfonso VI. Instead they are appeased. The values of the West are not being taken on, there is a danger of losing any legacy of the West. Borders are almost non-existent. Greece again is being flooded with peoples from the East. How long it remains Greece in anything but name is up for debate. The same goes for Italy, Sweden and Germany. The country formerly known as France is lost. Others will follow. The E.U. awaits its modern Alaric. Germanic tribes were the downfall of Rome. It looks like Germanic policies will be the downfall of this modern empire. Merkel has opened the floodgates and unleashed a latter-day Cetus.

Britain may not be immune to all the effects of the inevitable E.U. collapse. But suffice to say, I think the further removed we are from the E.U. in every way, the more insulated we will be. There was evidence for this in the 2008 crash.

As with the Roman Empire enduring in the East with the so called “Byzantines”, so the Visegrad nations can take up the mantle and preserve Western culture and values. They may be a beacon in the coming darkness. In 1984, Orwell said hope lies with the Proles. In 2017, it lies with the Poles.

Using information from:

Fall of Rome. (2017, March 25). New World Encyclopedia, . Retrieved 13:10, August 29, 2017 from http://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/p/index.php?title=Fall_of_Rome&oldid=1003908.

The Decline and Fall of the E.U. Empire Part 1

The Decline and Fall of the E.U. Empire Part 1


(Sack of Rome 410 A.D.)


Striking parallels can be seen between the later Roman Empire and the unwieldy behemoth of the EU. Both were Empires that sought to force hegemony over Europe, and extend their reach further afield. Both attempted to, in the words of Mussolini, “make the Mediterranean an Italian lake,” or an E.U. lake, in different ways and with varying degrees of success. Both have suffered from a succession of poor leaders, and an elite that cares only for itself and seems blind to the problems of ordinary people. The E.U. is doomed to go the same way as Rome, due to internal and external problems, and a great deal of hubris.

Empire and Emperors
In the later Roman Empire, much rested on the Emperor. This had always been the case to some extent, but even more so in the run up to the fall. The one crucial factor was military prowess and success. As we will see the Empire was under assault from without.
In the .EU. role we have Juncker. As Nero fiddled while Rome burned, Juncker fiddles while Brussels burns. Literally in some cases.

(The aftermath of the Brussels terror attack, 2016)

One of the ways an Emperor can be seen as successful is by expanding the Empire. Hence, we have the ham-fisted attempts to expand the EU. Botched efforts with Turkey (thank goodness), dodgy goings on in the Balkans, and the crowning achievement of helping to foment civil war in Ukraine. Splendid! We all laughed when someone said the E.U. would expand to North Africa. We’re not laughing now. There are plans to extend E.U. borders to the likes of Libya to deal with the migrant crisis. The E.U. army that will never happen is going to oversee it.

On the subject of the military, the historian Vegetius said that the fall of Rome was primarily a military issue. Well, E.U. countries have spent little on their defence, relying on NATO and the U.S.A. to protect them. Most spend less than 2% GDP on defence. Ironically the UK, which does spend 2%, is leaving. There are also questions on how security and intelligence operation will work after Brexit.

Writing in the later 1700s, Edward Gibbon (The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire) suggested that Rome fell due to a lack of civic virtue, and a rise in decadence. Vegetius also wrote about a rise in decadence. People were unwilling to serve, and those that did became corrupt. This hampered the running of the empire. If we look at the E.U. then decadence is certainly on the rise. Juncker recently spent over £200,000 upgrading his office. He has splurged on numerous other expenses. Goodness knows how much the Kinnocks have had out of the E.U., but it is a lot. Does anyone really care that much who their MEP is? Voter turnout is low, and few people know the name of their MEP.

All the while EU funding is spent on useless vanity projects that make no material difference to the lives of ordinary people. The people of Blaenau Gwent were criticised when the voted overwhelmingly to leave. “But they get so much EU money!?” was the cry. Have you seen what it is spent on? Take a look at this monstrosity in Ebbw Vale:


Other prize entries include a £25 million car park in Merthyr, and an outdoor swimming pool. In Wales. That Blaenau Gwent voted out after apparently getting the most money shows that the EU is not creating good, permanent jobs, and is not making a difference in people’s lives. They feel no attachment to it. All the while its political class drift in to further decadence, becoming increasingly out of touch with the ordinary people. Much like their Roman counterparts they indulge in profligate spending, while real issues go unaddressed.

Invaders and immigration
Peter Heather in The Fall of the Roman Empire (2005) lays the blame on failure to deal with external threats from the Persian Sassanid Empire in the East. Roman military misadventures in the East cost huge sums of money and bogged down 20%-25% of its army. Sound familiar? It took 50 years to come to terms with this threat. How long have we had troops in Iraq and Afghanistan? How long has Syria been rumbling on? Added to this, writes Heather, were the later Germanic invasions which finally broke the Empire.

(Attila the Hun)

Well nowadays, due to the wonderful way the E.U. works, the threats from external enemies can strike anywhere. London, Berlin, Barcelona, Brussels, Nice, etc. External threats in Syria and Iraq have not been dealt with. Open borders are a disaster that allow terrorists in to the heart of the E.U. where they can strike, then melt away across borders. The Berlin truck attacker escaped from Germany through France and Italy, despite being the most wanted man in Europe.

Both Vegetius and Gibbon cite letting in too many “Barbarians” contributed to the fall of Rome. Vegetius claimed that there was “Barbarization,” and Gibbon gives example of the Barbarians that eventually turned on the Romans. One example is Alaric, who sacked Rome. He was a Visigoth, who arrived as a refugee, after his people were forced out by the Hun. He became a Roman military leader. He turned on the Romans, and eventually sacked Rome. Insiders partly enabled him, such as Stilicho (himself half Vandal). A saving grace is that the Visigoths took on the mantle of the Romans, declaring themselves the heirs of Rome. They were Christian and took on Roman culture, laws, some traditions and so on. Examples can be seen in Visigothic Spain.

John Bagnall Bury’s “History of the Later Roman Empire” tells us that “The Empire had come to depend on the enrolment of barbarians, in large numbers, in the army, and that it was necessary to render the service attractive to them by the prospect of power and wealth. This was, of course, a consequence of the decline in military spirit, and of depopulation, in the old civilised Mediterranean countries.”

The parallels here are all too clear. The E.U. is being swamped with migration. This is from the East, with Syria, Iraq, and others, aand now increasingly from North Africa. Italy took 12,000 in one day and threatened to close the ports. On some islands like Lesbos and Lampedusa migrants in camps already outnumber the locals. Sweden will soon go in to a demographic death spiral of the indigenous population, with over 30% of people from an immigration background. Germany will soon follow with 22.5% of an immigration background. We don’t even bother to count France anymore. A per Vegetius, they are not adapting to our ways and adopting Western values. If anything, they are forcing us to change ours.

We often hear of demographic change, and the need to replace workers in order to prop up pensions, etc. It is often assumed that Western values such as democracy and human rights are held universally. This is not the case. The newcomers are not European, and do not feel European. Unlike the Visigoths of old they do not see themselves as heirs of European culture, or the E.U. They would be quite happy to see their own culture transplant that of the West and the E.U. Merkel is cast in the modern-day role of the enabler on the continent. The stark warning from history is there for us. The E.U. appears to be ignoring it.

The old joke was that Merkel has killed more people than Hitler. No one is laughing any more.

Factors out of their Immediate Control
On the other hand, some historians have argued that the collapse of Rome was outside the Romans’ control. These would be things like technological advances by others, or economic factors. The E.U. certainly took a pounding from the 2008 financial crisis. All countries tied in to the single currency disaster suffered greatly, except Germany. Funny, that. This led to the unfortunate demise of the Greek nation, problems with which are still rumbling on to this day. Hubris had set in. In reality, the Eurozone project had failed. Politically and ideologically, they couldn’t lose face. Hence Greece was loaded up with debt it could never repay, and squeezed until the pips squeaked.


Unlike the E.U. the Romans were supremely adaptable. They built up a navy to face the Carthaginians. The E.U. seem incapable of fast reactions and change. The reaction to the migrant crisis is to bury heads in the sand, pretend it isn’t happening, and leave individual nations to cope on their own.

This then leads to situations like Brexit, as we shall see in part 2. We shall also look at the economy, problems between east and west, and whether the E.U. was doomed to fail from the start.

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The Weaponisation of History


I was lucky enough to have a couple of excellent teachers and lecturers for History during school and University. They emphasised two important points on why History was so important. First, that history is written by the victors. Second, whoever controls the past, controls the future.
History is also the search for the truth. As one of my University professors said, “History is a bullshit detector.” Sources are analysed rigorously, published papers peer reviewed. It was constantly questioned, and re-evaluated in light of new discoveries. Or it used to be.
First, history is written by the victors. What is the major source for the battle of Hastings and the Norman conquest? The Bayeux Tapestry. Produced by the Normans. If you win, you get to put forward your version of history. This is usually then the accepted version. Even when it is later challenged by historians, it is hard to remove the perception from the public consciousness.
An example is Mary I, widely known as “Bloody Mary” for the number of Protestants she has burned at the stake. Mary burned around 284 people in her five year reign. Shocking, you may say. But let us put it in context. People were used to seeing heretics burned. Henry VI burned 10 people. Henry VIII burned 81, and had various heads chopped off. It is hard to estimate how many were executed after rebellions, but it was thousands e.g. the Pilgrimage of Grace, etc. Teenager Edward VI burned 2. Elizabeth I burned 5, and had 300 people hanged after the Northern Rebellion. Every year of the Tudor period between 17 and 50 people were hanged for theft. Executions were a fairly regular occurrence during Tudor times.
So why does Mary I have such a bad reputation, for example compared to Elizabeth I? Mary I was Catholic, Elizabeth I was Protestant, and the Protestants won. Therefore, Mary is demonized, Elizabeth glorified. The idea “of Bloody Mary” persists to this day. Kids still talk about “saying bloody Mary three times in a mirror, turn around and she will appear.” It is embedded in the public mind. Now I’m old and wise enough, and objective enough, to know that both Catholics and Protestants have both done terrible things to each other down the years. But this example of history being written by the victors is important for present day, as we shall see. When only one side of the story is told, this is the version that is carried down the years. It implants itself in the nation’s memory.
Second, if you control the past, you can control the future. History is important. To quote Cicero, “to remain ignorant of what happened before you were born is to remain forever a child.” And Churchill, “those that do not study history are doomed to repeat its mistakes.” (Socialists take note.) History helps define culture and identity. It can also influence mind set. History helps provide an anchor as to who we are in an ever-changing world. Take your flag of St. George. It is a symbol, but bound up in it is the history of the nation, a Christian tradition, the Crusades, the Magna Carta and the rights of Englishmen, and images of the World War Two, fighting actual Nazis and Literally Hitler . No wonder modern lefties hate it.
Various political personalities and groups have endeavoured to use the past to justify what they are doing today. Alfred the Great wasn’t great until Queen Victoria married Albert, from Saxony. A mania for all things Saxon then ensued. Christmas trees, etc. Hitler strived in vain to find a great German past, when by the Nazis own admission Germans were in mud huts while Greeks and Romans were inventing science, rhetoric and maths. A glorious Teutonic past was then made up, with valorous chivalric knights roaming the countryside doing good deeds. Goebbels then made films to legitimise it. Hitler even suggested the Greeks were Teutons who had moved south. Remember the double lightening symbol on German uniform collars? Reputedly found on a stone at a German archaeological dig. Hitler thought it looked good, so wanted it included, or so the story goes. But hey, that’s what you get with socialists. Style over substance.
Communism also had a go, suggesting that the earliest humans lived in a state of primitive communism, living simple happy lives before capitalism came along and ruined everything by creating wealth and raising living standards. But hey, socialism. Again. Many Muslims also believe that everyone was originally Islamic, and that people don’t convert to Islam, but return back to it. Groups like ISIS and the Taliban believe nothing existed before Islam, despite the evidence staring them in the face. They then destroy these things, such as the archaeological treasures at Palmyra, and the Buddhas at the UNESCO world heritage site in Afghanistan.
If you can change the past, you can control what people believe and think in the future. You can change nations, cultures and mindsets. Cultural Marxism writ large. We have all heard of the Frankfurt school. This is another tool they have developed. All the time the past is being weaponised for modern day political ends. The past is used to justify what is happening today. Ever hear the phrase “we are a nation of immigrants”? And it is getting worse.
Enter the BBC and Mary Beard
The BBC have been subtly changing their content, particularly aimed at children, to fit the modern fetish for diversity and multiculturalism. The aim? To “prove” that Britain has always been a diverse, multicultural society, and that it is right that it is now and in future. So, open the doors to those migrants! Anyone who disagrees is racist! History proves them wrong! Only it doesn’t. Not only is it wild speculation at best, erroneous at worst, it is an attempt at further social engineering and following a Cultural Marxist agenda. In the same vein as the Nazis, they are altering history to suit their own ends. If they can indoctrinate kids that mass migration is normal, and has always happened, they will accept it as they grow up and teach these ‘facts’ to their own kids. Just like the Puritans of the 16th Century they seek to purge the unclean versions of history, and present only their view. Goebbels would have approved.
The BBC asserted that their depiction of Roman Britain was : “Life in Roman Britain as shown through the eyes of a typical family nearly 2000 years ago.” To illustrate this, they chose a black Roman legionary, and mixed race children. Many people (including myself) pointed out that there was no evidence this was typical. In fact, the only evidence is a few skeletons of Black origins near Hadrian’s wall. We don’t know if they were soldiers, nobles, servants or slaves. This is when SJW Historian Mary beard jumped in and said: “A BBC schools video that depicted a high-ranking solider and a father of a Roman Britain family as being black to be “pretty accurate”. This legitimised and helped spread the biased and inaccurate BBC piece.
Thankfully, the likes of Paul Joseph Watson, Vox day and NN Taleb and others were able to fightback online. They presented the case that there was no genetic evidence to support the view. What’s more, the majority of people the Romans would have been in contacted with were not Black. There were Europeans, Celts of all description, Spanish, Germanic tribes, etc. in the Middle East there were Persians, Phoenicians, Parthians, etc. In Africa were Egyptians, Carthaginians, Berbers, etc. It was pointed out that many Romans moved to Africa. Just because a person was born there, didn’t mean they were Black. Many a meme was also generated to add to the effort. This forced the BBC into changing the description to: “Life in Roman Britain as seen through the eyes of one family nearly 2000 years ago.”
Further issues were uncovered, such as Black Normans, feminist Briton warrior women, the list goes on. The point is, if we allow them to go unchallenged they will carry on with impunity. Many still believe implicitly what they see on TV and in the mainstream media. They have no idea that the media would deliberately lie to them, in order to further their own agenda. And it’s not just the BBC. Google search ‘US inventors.’ Yes really. All the time the past is dragged up as an excuse. ISIS are denounced as evil killers, and evidence of a problem within Islam. The cry from the left is “Ah, but what about Jonestown?” Despite the fact the two are completely unrelated.
Every time I switch on the news I see something similar. Take the seemingly harmless story of residents in an English village getting DNA tests. They came back that many had DNA from outside of the UK. This was then trumpeted repeatedly around the BBC. Nation of immigrants, remember? What was not highlighted is how much DNA per person, how far back, or that most was from western Europe. What is not pointed out is that most of these migrants arrived via invasions, accompanied by fire and blood. Instead they are now called “migrants”, “settlers”, “periods of expansion” and “movements.” Romans, Angles, Saxons, Vikings, Normans, us Welsh fought the lot. They were not welcomed with open arms and a cup of tea. And each wave brought irrevocable cultural changes, not always for the better. Ring any bells?
Statues and Culture Wars
Now in the U.S.A we see Antifa and BLM tearing down statues. We have already had campaigns against Cecil Rhodes here. Just about every day turn on the T.V. or read the media, someone is trying to destroy or rewrite history. How long until people are being erased from photos? Winston’s job at The Ministry of Truth doesn’t seem so far fetched now, does it? You should own your history. If it’s good, celebrate it. If it’s bad, remember it and learn from it. Don’t erase it. That way lies madness.
I mentioned earlier that history is written by the victors. This is why it is so important that we win the culture wars. For too long we have been losing. Only one version of history is being told. The teaching profession is now inherently left wing, as are our educational establishments. They are backed by the powerful mainstream media, which propagates the same narrative. But kids today are in to tech, and this gives us a chance to fightback online. We need our version of events to be told, so at least there can be balance, and kids can make up their own minds. This also highlights the effectiveness and importance of meme warfare. What cannot be delivered through lectures and essays, can be delivered through satire and humour. As we know, the left can’t meme. We hold the upper hand. We will be vilified. We will be called racist (facts are racist, remember.) Forget about it. Just ask for evidence you are wrong. Then watch them crumble and descend in to name calling. Historical accuracy is important. Historical facts don’t care about your feelz, left wing or right wing, they just are. They should not be allowed to be forgotten because they are inconvenient, or worse, deliberately erased. And never underestimate the power of a good meme…