March of the Retards

March of the Retards

So the #PeopelsMarchForEU took place on the weekend. It should have been renamed the March of the Retards. Such was the idiocy on display. Claims were made that there was 50,000 there. This is highly dubious, but even if true it is still nowhere near the 17.4 million people that voted to leave. Some geniuses came up with figures of “only 37% of people voted for Brexit.” I presume they were including those who don’t vote, can’t vote, children and dead people. There were several claims made that I take issue with. Lets start with this:


The EU that delivered peace to Europe? Really? There are a number of ways in which this is wrong. I will examine just a few. Fits is Turkey invading Cyprus. That’s right, Turkey which is partly in Europe and a prospective EU member invaded Cyprus, which is now a full EU member and is occupying a third of Cyprus. There is a British military base there to try and keep the peace. 150,000 Cypriots were expelled from the north of the island. The European Commission on Human Rights found Turkey in breach of the European Convention of Human Rights. There were also accusation against Cypriots for doing similar. In Nicosia a wall was erected to separate the sides. There was also destruction of cultural heritage sites. What did the EU do? You’ve guessed it. Nothing.


Next, there is the civil war in the former Yugoslavia and the resulting Balkans genocide. there was mass murder, crimes against humanity and organised mass rapes. The bodies are literally still being found. This conflict saw the return to Europe of concentration camps.


Many have pointed the finger at the E.U. for worsening the crisis by immediately recognising break away states, causing further antagonism. Once the conflict was in full swing, the E.U. barely lifted a finger. it was left to N.A.T.O to deal with the issue, setting up safe zones and conducting bombing raids to cut off supplies to paramilitaries and militaries. However, ethnic cleansing had already been carried out, hundreds of thousand were dead, and hundreds of thousands more displace. This wasn’t some third world trouble spot. this was on the E.U.’s doorstep. Some genius on Twitter told me it was nothing to do with the E.U. as they weren’t E.U. members at the time. Face. Palm.


E.U. meddling is also held by many to have helped start the Ukraine civil war. The E.U. offered loans to prop up the government, when Russia had already made a similar offer. In the eyes of Russia, the E.U. was treading in its sphere of influence, and trying to bind former U.S.S.R. countries to the E.U. The president rejected the E.U. offer for Russia. Pro-E.U. citizens overthrew him, and he fled. Ethnic Russians felt threatened. Hey presto, you have  recipe for civil war.

Add to this that in the 21st century Europe and the E.U. is being hit by wave after wave of Islamist Jihadi attacks. Leaving the E.U. is supposed to be bad as it would cause problems between security agencies and with information sharing. Well, they have been doing a poor job so far. Britain mainly shares its intelligence with the U.S.A. and the ‘five eyes’ countries. Many E.U. countries keep the info to themselves. Open borders and mass immigration has only made the problems worse. Terrorists like the Berlin Christmas market attacker was able to attack in Germany, escape through France, and was only caught by a random patrol in Italy. returning ISIS fighters have carried out attacks. Native born jihadis have been for training in Libya and Syria and then attacked, such as in Manchester. Tell me again how the E.U. is keeping us safe? Add to this that Britain is one of the few E.U. or European countries to spend at least 2% of GDP on defence.

download “You have stolen our future!” is a common refrain from the young, and others. Really? Let’s examine youth unemployment rates in the E.U. (Correct at time of writing. Figures from trading France 23.4% Italy 35.4% Belgium 21.4% Cyprus 20.4% Greece 43.3% Spain 38.6% Portugal 23.8% Croatia 26.4%. In comparison Britain is 12.1%, and dropping. It has decreased from 13.4% the previous year. The Brexit effect!

IMG_20170910_101245Anyone? No, me neither.

This march was apparently to stop Brexit. What part of “we had a national vote” don’t they get? There was months of campaigning from both sides. There were debates, televised and otherwise. The mainstream media went full out in support of Remain. There were T.V., newspaper, radio and poster campaigns. Davis Cameron sent a leaflet to every household in the U.K. telling us to Remain. Yet they say the voters were uniformed. Really!? How? people talked about nothing else for weeks. I went to many valleys areas with my local rugby club. Everyone was talking about it, everyone had an (1)

Supposedly intelligent people have been completely taken in by E.U. propaganda. They are in thrall to the idea of the E.U. despite the fact it has quite clearly failed. Yet still they cling on. My stomach was almost turned by the sight of Tony Blair back on our screens bleating about Brexit. seriously Tony, you’ve done enough damage. Pleas retire quietly and be thankful you have escaped any legal prosecution from the Iraq war.


E.U. flags were given out at last night of the proms. Why was this allowed? Isn’t the BBC supposed to be impartial? This was another con trick to try and make the public think that everyone was now in favour of Remain. mostly the E.U. flags were swamped by the U.K. flags. Also, as the broadcast went around the country to place like Cardiff in Wales and Scotland, etc there were only U.K. flags. Awkward…


What exactly do the Remaoners hope to achieve by this? Brexit is still not cancelled. It has so far passed through every parliamentary vote, including the House of Lords, and through the Supreme Court. Brexit negotiations are already taking place. Anti-Brexit parties were hit badly in the recent general election. Even if 50,000 turned out, this is insignificant. 500,000 turned out for the Countryside Alliance march in favour of hunting some years back. This seems to me the last Remainer tantrum before they are forced to take their Brexit medicine. Tough luck. You lost before, you are still losing now. Even if you got your way, it could well render the country ungovernable. Politicians like Verhofstadt and are still trying to interfere in national politics. they would do well to remember their past failures.



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