You Absolute Juncker!

You Absolute Juncker!

I want to say thank you to Jean-Claude Juncker. Seriously. Yesterday he gave the greatest pro-Brexit speech ever, in his state of the EU address. Every point was a gem. Nothing I could say or do would have been better at convincing people that Brexit was the best way forward. This speech will certainly go down in history, but not for the reasons he thinks.


This is just a flavour of the reaction on social media. All the ardent remainers have been silent. Not a mention of Juncker’s speech. For this was the day the true face of the EU was revealed.

One Supreme Leader

Juncker plans to merge the offices of President of the EU commission and President of the EU council. This will concentrate power in the hands of one man. Him. It will also make him less accountable to the council of ministers, which means the leaders of each individual country. But, democracy, right? Remaontards spent all week moaning about the Great Withdrawal Bill, which they said was a “Henry VIII” power grab by the UK government. It seemed not to dawn on them that these powers were grabbed by the EU originally. EU regulations had the force of an act of Parliament, decided by unelected commissioners from all around the EU. They dictated what UK law was going to be. EU directives could be implemented by ministers using statutory instruments or orders in council. None of these had parliamentary oversight. This was apparently fine when the EU did it, but not for the UK government. But then Juncker came along. Nice one Jean-Claude!


An EU Army

Remember that EU army that would never happen? Well, now it is. There will be a EU defence union by 2025. To quote Juncker: “And I want us to dedicate further efforts to defence matters,” he said. “A new European Defence Fund is in the offing. As is a Permanent Structured Cooperation in the area of defence.” EU nations now face the prospect of their armed forces being taken out of their country, and being assigned to operations they didn’t sign up to or disagree with. And they pay for it. More worryingly, given the situation with Poland and Hungary, is the idea that one day this army may be used to enforve EU measures against member states. A country’s own army may be used against it. However I highly suspect the first deployment will be to North Africa due to migration. Good luck with that. Another win for Brexiteers!


An EU Super State 

If that wasn’t good enough, he wants an EU super state. He wants a single EU finance and economics minster. This means economic policy taken out of the hands of nation states. Alongside these are proposals that all nations join the EU banking union, and that common banking policies are adopted throughout the EU. What this means is it is likely all members will have to join the Euro. Remember the 2008 crash? EU economies still haven’t recovered. Eurozone youth unemployment stands at an average of 19.1%. Most countries are higher, Germany drags down the average. There are also plans for common taxation, and an end to vetoes on tax. Again, this will be done on qualified majority voting. But, democracy, right? He also wants a common foreign policy, decided by a qualified majority. This means it doesn’t need unanimous support. Countries could be taken in to actions they do not support. Fancy another Middle East war? Me neither. Add to this the hilarity of Verhofstadt calling Poland and Hungary “Alt-Right.” Well, funny if it wasn’t so serious. I imagine the EU actions remind both countries of the USSR in its heyday. All this makes a further break up of the EU more likely, as I said in a previous articleJuncker saidBrexit was no longer a worry of the EU, and that Britain would soon regret it. This will be his “it’s the economy, stupid!” moment. So, once again, thank you Jean-Claude. Your speech was everything I could have hoped for.


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