Brexiteers, Do Not Panic!

Brexiteers, Do Not Panic!

Remember, remember,

The 22nd of September,

Brexit, treason and plot,

I see no reason,

Why Tory Brexit treason,

Should ever be forgot.


So, May went full retard in Florence. Everything we were worried about. An extended transition period, maybe without end. Sucking up to the E.U. Throwing away the defence and security bargaining chips. Looking for the same terms we have now, etc. But is it all doom and gloom? No.


Nigel Farage will now undoubtedly be back in some shape or form. He has already topped a million followers on Twitter in the wake of May’s debacle. Stung in to action, he will be back to fight for Brexit.


Jacob Rees-Mogg has been making the right noises since Friday. He has gone on record as being unhappy with the European Court of Justice still having power over the U.K. He is on the Brexit committee. Many will now swing behind him. Could a leadership challenge be on the cards?

The U.K. Economy is still doing well #despitebrexit. Manufacturing is going well, overall unemployment is falling, as is youth unemployment. Brexit stole your future? Hardly.




The DUP are not happy with the E.U. They have said their negotiators are aggressive and looking to do as much damage to the U.K. as possible. May is reliant on them to stay in power. She will have to listen, Arlene may yet be able to reign her in.

As I wrote in a previous piece, Juncker’s speech and proposed changes  make it very hard to re-join the E.U. The E.U. army, central taxes, loss of control on the defence and the economy and joining the Euro are unpopular. No U.K. government will want to sign up to that in a hurry.J uncker himself riles people. He is like Nero fiddling while Rome burns. He is abrasive and antagonistic, and turns people off. He is our best weapon for Brexit. His power grab will make him even more unpopular.


Greece is still a major problem for the E.U. it hasn’t gone away. It has been swept under the carpet. It continues to wrack up debt for the E.U.  The same for the Italian banks. It seems a matter of when, not if.


Euroscepticism is growing on the continent. Five star grows in Italy, AFD grows in Germany. Poland and Hungary are in almost open rebellion against Brussels. There is an election in the Czech Republic soon. All these are massive headaches for the E.U. The migrant crisis they triggered is coming back to bite them. I firmly believe this will be the death of the E.U. one way or another.


Macron, the new “Sun King,” continues to fail in France. Record low approval ratings, strikes, riots, terror attacks, migration. Can he and France survive?

Catalonia is threatening to tear Spain and the E.U. apart. Stories of violence and brutal repression are already emerging. Catalans have appealed to the E.U. over human rights abuses. Will the E.U. act against one of its own key members? Don’t hold your breath. Remember Bosnia?

The E.U. took nearly a decade to do a trade deal with Canada. They are large, slow and cumbersome. We are smaller and more nimble. The longer we succeed since the Brexit vote, the less people will feel we need the E.U. Turkey will not be joining any time soon, and may well cancel the migrant deal. This could open the floodgates to a new migrant crisis, flooding the E.U. and overwhelming it.

Also Verhofstadt is reportedly turning down every Brexit paper the U.K. puts forward. They may yet do our own work for us. Add to this the Remainers are not sending their best. So chin up! Remember, once you give up you are definitely beaten. Nothing worth doing is ever easy. We will not surrender. We have not yet begun to fight… (Read here why the E.U. is doomed.)